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Empowerment Rock by Singer Songwriter Tom Ventimiglia

Singer Songwriter Tom Ventimiglia sings his pop rock personal growth music in two Albums, "Look Into Your Heart" and "The Canyons of Life".  Both Albums were inspired from his background as a College Professor/Counselor and relate to his class called "Quest for Identity" and his book "Quest for the Empowered Self". The messages in the songs are truthful to life and have enhanced his students personal growth experience.  Truly, insightful and inspirational melodies and lyrics with a classic pop rock tone.

Tom's personal music style was inspired by the Electric Light Orchestra, The Beatles, The Moody Blues, The Who, Styx, The Indigo Girls, Bare Naked Ladies, Cheap Trick, the Rolling Stones, and Elton John.


"Look Into Your Heart" 


"The Canyons of Life"

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